1st October 2017


Easily the oldest machine I have released so far, absolute classic machine from Bellfruit. Thanks to Wizard for the classic, Ploggy for additional artwork, Danno for tech help and all 3 for testing.

16th September 2017


A little while ago SteveP approached me and asked if I'd be willing to take this one on as it had been personally requested by Wizard. Nifty Fifty was the first emulated fruit machine and gave birth to what we know today as MFME. After the seventeen years of enjoyment MFME has given me I was more than happy to do this and I dedicate this release of a cracking old Barcrest classic to Wizard.

Big thanks to SteveP for encouraging me to do this, Ploggy, Reg & SteveP for testing. After seventeen years this machine gets the release it deserves, if you are in a position to supply resources to preserve other classic machines then please get in touch.

15th August 2017


Low-tech video based affair today in the form of Bellfruit's Random Winner. Thanks to hitthesix & spa for the classic.

 3rd April 2017


Every now and then I get an email out of the blue with someone offering me resources for a release, this is exactly what happened here with Fruit Chaser. FME member evo1 had glass scans sat in his loft for a number of years. He took them to be scanned and passed onto myself, without people gathering and sharing such resources I could not bring you old classic releases as I can today. So if you are in a position to help in any way then please get in touch. Thanks also to Ploggy who's Fruit Snappa DX I used as a base and for ongoing tech help.

12th March 2017


Thanks to Reg for the base layout, Ploggy & Ross for tech help.

18th January 2017


Yet another old Bellfruit clubber today in the shape of Chinatown.

Thanks to Bugs & Trouty for the original BFMulator classic release, Pete_W for his MFME conv tool, Ploggy for tech help,  riche100 for the flyer & theabbey for testing.

 13th January 2017


This old clubber from Bellfruit never ran properly in MFME, thanks to Wizard and MFMEv5 the cashpot issues are now fixed.

Thanks to Bugs & Trouty for the original BFMulator classic release, Pete_W for his MFME conv tool, Ploggy for tech help & theabbey for testing.

6th January 2017


Screen Play is a great old semi lo-tech video affair from Maygay, thanks MFME v5.1 the sounds are now fully emulated.

This comes in two flavours, a standard DX which represents the original machine. The screen is quite small and even on my larger screen I struggled with text especially when answering questions so I'd imagine a laptop would be impossible. So I re-designed the machine layout allowing for a larger screen in the top glass hopefully catering for all.

Big thanks for this release to Stevedude2 for the existing DX, Ploggy for glass scans, Jonno & Sam for the roms, Stanmarsh for buttons, and Wizard for the updated MFMEv5.1

Moving forward all my work will be optimised for v5.1 Make sure you run this on MFMEv 5.1

30th December 2016


Old MPU3 machine by PCP to finish off a great end of year for MFME, hope you had a great Christmas, and wish you all a happy and healthy new year.

Thanks to Alex74 for his classic, Fruitsim for uploading photos on the Mecca, Ploggy for tech help and NQ for testing.

15th December 2016

MORE MFMEv5 Updates

Couple of MPS2 titles missing from the last update, plus all my SYS1 & MPU3 releases.

 1st December 2016


The following titles have all been updated for MFMEv5, main tweaks around reels & digis, this is my entire MPS2 back catalogue bar one that I plan to update extensively. MPS2 is a tech that vastly gained from the update, mainly around the sound. If you didn't play them much before because of sound issues in Win7 then I suggest you try again now, the likes of Cash-Filla & Cashino have improved ten fold.

27th November 2016


The following releases have been updated inline with the new MFMEv5 release, the sound and reel alignment issues have been fixed, and all reels now feature drop shadow and gradient effects.

30th October 2016


After what seems like a lifetime in the wilderness Wizard brings us MFME v5 with loads of new enhancements and new supported techs. Things are looking up for FME, hopefully some designers will crawl out of retirement and release some previously unavailable machines.

My first release for MFME v5 is Barcrest's Crystal Maze SWP, one of the most well know Barcrest machines running on the MPU4 video platform. Original machine had a trackball but you can play pretty well with a mouse and keyboard. Happy Halloween all.

18th September 2016


Thought it best to get this one out before it gets lost in the excitement of the upcoming release of MFMEv5. Thanks to stevedude2 for the classic, richie100 for the flyer, also Ploggy for tech help & testing.

Exciting times ahead in FME, there hasn't been a buzz around the scene like this for a very long time. Let's hope this time everyone's that little bit older and wiser and the scene is in a better place to move forward.

15th August 2016


The hat-trick is complete with this beauty from JPM one of my favourite releases for a while. Ploggy sent me some old scans he'd been sat on which came from Leeham a few years ago, they were damaged  but luckily nothing that wasn't fixable. Also thanks to Bugs & Trouty for the classic and again to Ploggy for testing and tech help.

15th August 2016



Second up is High Point from Bellfruit, thanks to Player from sending me the flyer a while ago, sadly it was a grainy print and I couldn't get the decent finish that this machine deserved. On this release only the cab and the grey wavy pattern are from the original flyer, everything else was redrawn ontop or cloned from similar machines. Thanks also to spa for the classic also Ploggy for testing & tech help.

15th August 2016


First up today comes Lucky Arrows from JPM, a quick dark and dirty DX. Thanks to hitthesix for the classic, Richy1976 for the flyer and Ploggy for testing & tech help.

29th June 2016


After 6 months offline today DX'Cellent is fully back all content and downloads complete. Massive thanks goes to Pete at the MPU Mecca who is my new host and for his technical help in relocation.

If you are glad to see DX'Cellent back then please pop over to the Mecca and support my site and Pete by making a donation, a small price to pay to help preserve gaming history. 

 18th June 2016


Update of a DX I released 9 years ago, Super Jester a nice little lo-tech from PCP that plays a hell of a lot nice at 4.80/20p. Thanks to hitthesix for the new classic release and Jonno for matching decals.

 1st January 2016


Today's new year treat comes in the form of Five Alive from JPM, this release also happens to be my 200th DX release. Thanks to all the people who have helped me reach this milestone, emu creators, classic designers, resource gatherers, play testers and most importantly players. Without the good feedback and the knowledge that my work was being played and enjoyed there would be no point making it.