28th December 2003


Following on from the release of it's big brother a couple of days ago here is the 15 jackpot version of Viva Rock Vegas. The artwork was better for this so I managed to achieve a higher standard layout, couple that with the far superior play of this version and you have a fun, active enjoyable machine.

26th December 2003


Christmas time is normally historically interesting in the world of Fruit Machine Emulation. This year has been no different with the release of JPeMu v2.41 from Dialtone, the main good news is support for all you WIN98 users who have been missing out all this time. Various other additions such as better sound and a frontend also appear, along with tweaks to the tools so we can create better layouts for you to play with.

Viva Rock Vegas is a fun themed machine from JPM, can be very nasty but WTF it looks nice. The 15 AWP version is also near completion so expect this soon.

25th December 2003


Always enjoyed this machine, it was one of few that gave crappy prizes such as a gold plated watch, lighter and mini carriage clocks. Unfortunately it cannot be emulated so that a prize pops out of your printer (not that it gave that many). Thanks to Gary for the original DX, Spa for the flyer, WAC & Wozza playtesting.

Enjoy, and a Merry Christmas to all.

10th December 2003


This is my third DX of this machine, a little excessive I know but I really enjoyed this title and was determined to get the graphical bank looking right.

30th November 2003


A quite enjoyable title from JPM, that's it! enjoy.

27th November 2003


I'm all for lo-techs but never quite saw the point of lo-tech clubbers. Happy with how the DX turned out, it's just a shame the game is one of the most boring I've played.

24th November 2003


This layout has been finished for quite some time and has been sat on the shelves as the original reelbands looked as if they might become available, I've had a few requests for this lately and to be honest kinda forgot I was sat on this. So I thought I let it loose and if the bands show up it won't be too much hassle to pop them in.

Unfortunately the DX looks better in the picture than in play due to the grainy bastard flyer but I did the best I could with it, also the HI/LO sample is broken in MFME hopefully fixed in future releases, c'mon guys it is xmas soon :)

1st November 2003


Bugs & Trouty recently released their 6 token classic layout of Luxor. This version plays a lot better than the 10 cash one I released a couple of weeks back so I thought my DX needed an update. Many thanks to Bugs who helped me getting it going, luckily it turned out to be a simple conversion. 

27th October 2003




Run For Your Money is s great older title by Barcrest, massive thanks to Bugs Bunny who created a new classic using the 6 roms for me. Thanks also to Echo & J for font help and Wearecity for testing.

This machine comes in two flavours, a 1280 WDX with lit side art and a standard 1024 WDX. With all the talk over what format was better I thought I'd make both and let you decide for yourselves. Both DXs were made using identical base art edited and lamped at a resolution of 2560x1920 to get the best effect then shrunk down to their relative sizes. Both layouts look good on my monitor when running at 1280x1024 but when I run at 1024x768 the smaller one doesn't look half as good, I'm sure a player using a smaller monitor will see it the other way round.

In conclusion to the 1280 vs 1024 layout battle, using a 19"+ monitor 1280 is the best but on a 17"-  then 1024 is best, nobody is right or wrong. It's just horses for courses. And if any emulator coder release an update to include screen resizing I'm gonna slap them for wasting a week of my life.

18th October 2003


The original Luxor DX was released a long time ago and was regularly played by me when released as it's a quite good game with a nice theme and sounds. But loading it up recently it screamed at me to update it, thanks to a flyer from Troutman this was possible.

14th October 2003


Well I have been a busy chappie lately, I really must get some work reel (geddit?) done one of these days. Here is my latest offering, Go For Gold by JPM.

To be honest the machine itself isn't that good, but I am more than happy the way the DX turned out, definitely on my best I think, makes Cosmic Casino seem like a distant memory.

13th October 2003


This is my 60th DX release so I thought I'd make it a nice surpirse. Before you start getting all moist I must point out this is not Club Crazy Fruits but a bastardised hybrid DX of the Club Fast Fruits rom and flyers of the Club & AWP versions of Crazy Fruits, in saying that it is the closest you'll get to playing the reel thing.

Although the two machines are very similar there are slight differences, check the read me file for these and to get button/key layout.

7th October 2003


This machine has been one of my favourite emulated titles for a long time, the original classic and the fullscreen DX by Kev has spent many hours on my screen. Kev kindly sent me the art he had to create his version so that I could knock up this WDX.

1st October 2003


I've had this as a work in progress and haven't touched it in ages due it turning out to be a large pile of poo. But after many PMs and emails asking what the state of play with it was I thought I'd let it loose. The DX is set at a resolution of 1024x768 as this was the size of the art kindly donated by Gary, moving this size up to 1280 lost way too much clarity, not that you can read much of it as it is.

I started this one during a really bright sunny day and got carried away with the contrast and it's too dark I think, there are a number of issues with this release that I could not resolve, look at the read me file for information. Whether this is an emulator issue or just me not being into this DX I don't know, to be honest I came close to deleting this totally but after many requests it seemed people still wanted it, so here it is. The only saving grace is that the machine has some quality sound & samples.

29th September 2003

1st Quick Res

There has been a lot of talk recently regarding layout resolutions and why they are moving towards 1280x1024 resolution, there are no simple answers here, but for me it's simply a case that my monitor runs at that resolution as standard so that's what I design in and it gives me more flexibility graphic wise along with layouts looking better when playing on my screen.

When I had a 17" monitor running at 1024x768 as standard I rarely touched larger layouts, not that my monitor couldn't handle that resolution but just because I was a lazy bastard and couldn't be bothered going into the settings and changing it everything I wanted to play a large layout.

Let me bring this nice little program to your attention called 1st Quick Res, it sits in your system tray and allows you to flip between resolution at the click of a mouse within seconds. It's freeware and addfree, it could bring a whole new gaming experience to those lazy gits like I used to be. I just wish I'd discovered this one 2 years ago, click the picture to visit the 1st Quick Res website to download it.


28th September 2003


I have done an alternative DX of my version of Thunderbirds, I've enlarged it to 1280 resolution and moved the machine to the left as opposed to the centre as in the 1024 version. This way the window can be resized leaving just the machine if prefered.

21st September 2003


The first new layout to be released on this site is Goldstike, an old Barcrest 4 jackpot title, the resolution is 1280x960 which will be my standard release resolution unless poor art dictates otherwise, or I do two versions as I did with Happy Streak. Thanks to Bugs who did the original classic and a cracking fullscreen DX, also to Spa for the flyer and Wearecity & Wozza for testing. Click to picture to download.

20th September 2003


After over 5 months away I am very happy to announce that DX'Cellent is back online, although it's merely a shadow of it's former self. It's now my personal site containing all of my releases and information of my work in progress. It was always my intention to re-open DX'Cellent as a personal site I just didn't think it would take 5 months to get my arse in gear. I have re-visited all of my releases and updated all of the ones released prior to MFME v1.1, the main changes are resized and sunken masked reels, this applies to about a third of my releases.

I have to say a massive thanks to Duplu of Fruit-Emu for hosting this site for me. When DX'Cellent closed Fruit-Emu emerged as an ideal replacement and as time has gone on it has become the definitive Fruit Machine Emulation download site on the internet. I closed DX'Cellent as it had become a victim of it's own success and had grown too big and popular, I could no longer afford the time or money to continue. Fruit-Emu has recently reached the same crossroads as I did six months ago, but instead of throwing in the towel as I did Duplu decided to invest in the future of the site and committed himself to the site longer term with a larger financial investment.

The upshot of this means that as there was more space available I have been allowed to set up shop in a little corner of my own. The time and work that himself and Wozza put into Fruit-Emu ensures that we all have a large reliable site to get our daily fix of FME. I know only too well the financial burden that a large site can bring so I'd urge anyone that uses Fruit-Emu or DX'Cellent to support them if you can, pop along to Fruit-Emu today and give something back.

The basic style of DX'Cellent hasn't changed a lot, as the clean 'no frills' site seemed to work well before and seemed to be popular. All of my releases are listed alphabetically with information about the layout like resolution, style & tech etc. Click on the thumbnail picture so see a larger screenshot and download the layout, oh and make sure you have your speakers turned on. No doubt as times goes on I will add more features, feel free to email me with any comments and suggestions.