7th December 2004


Looks nice, plays shite, nuff said.

29th November 2004


The download for Club Cluedo has been amended as the proper sound roms have been sourced. Many thanks to Duplu and Leeham for making this happen.

17th November 2004


Been working on this for a while now, I had the 150 flyer but had to change all the art to match the 60 roms, biggest redraw project I've done and am well pleased with the result. Thanks to Wayfinder for an unlocked classic and WAC for testing.

5th November 2004


(Number 100)

Believe it or not this was actually started last November but I never really had time to get it done for bonfire night so it was shelved for the best past of a year. I was happy with my existing 1024 version of this but always wanted to redo it in all of it's 1280 glory, better late than never eh?

The game itself isn't one of Barcrest's better ones to play, but I think the theme and sounds are great. And remember always hold you DX at arms reach, never return to a DX even after it's dead, keep all DXs in a safe dry tin and finally stick a banger up arse of that nasty cat who lives next door.

Interesting side-note is that this happens to be my 100th released DX, big thanks to all the people who have helped me over the past 3 years, you know who you are :)

16th September 2004


Crackpot is a nice old clubber by Barcrest. Although in my opinion not as good as other similar machines of this era (see Potluck released 4th July) it would still win in a fight with most modern bandits. Thanks to Bugs for the classic and tech help and WAC for testing.

1st September 2004


Viz is a machine I'd wanted to DX for a long time now, thanks to Gary & Cheese for supply and scan of glass to make this possible. The scans were taken from the BWB machine which wasn't currently emulated. Thanks to Trouty for the roms Bugs who got the roms working and knocked up a classic for me.

Considering these roms run at 10p/6 they play surprising well I think against the current Barcrest 20p/6. Thanks also to WAC & DAD for testing.

10th August 2004


I'm very proud to bring you a DX of Barcrest's Club Double, I'm proud because the layout turned out very nice indeed, but more importantly I'm dedicating this release to my new daughter Katie, cutesy side art available if you open the window :-)

This is quite a unique machine, 2 jackpot values, 2 stake values, 3 start buttons, 2 staggered winlines across 5 reels. To my knowledge this is the only of it's type emulated, definitely the first DX'd anyway. This gave me hours of fun creating and playing this machine and I'm sure I'll come back to it time after time.

First off thanks to go Stephen Hufton who was selling this machine on eBay, I contacted him and he kindly supplied some photographs. The photos were at a nasty angle with bad reflection and flash damage, so in stepped Fin who did a fantastic job tidying, skewing & repairing the art for me to begin my work. Thanks also to Bugs who did a classic for this a long time ago, he kindly revisited it for me to locate some extra lamps and meter help. The old crusties at MPU Mecca for suggestions, Shiny for some font detection help and as always WAC for testing.

As promised yesterday here is all my work that was released as part of the 'ohhhh so secret layout flood that has wrecked the world as we know it'. If you have a weak disposition I advise you to steer well clear of these titles. Downloading them might be detrimental to your health, and if you actually play it then as soon as you finished the phone rings and a voice says that you'll die in seven days.


The missing sound roms that some classed as FME's holy grail have magically appeared. This turned a lifeless game into a slightly fun themed title by JPM.


I consider this to be one of my best layouts to date, the art work came together very quickly and it all just seemed to work. I haven't played this that much due to the fact that there are no sound roms available for it. The sound bundled with the roms is from the first sound I found that half fitted so at least I didn't have silence whilst I built it. I'm sure if you really tried you could find a set that would match better. 


Newspaper themed title by Empire*, the game isn't really my cup of tea. The only reason I made it was due to the quite unique art work that allowed me to play around with it. I've never played this in real life so it probably looks bigger all like the real thing.


This machine I really quite like, and aquatic affair by Crystal. Has some great sound and features.


Gotta love lo-techs and this one is great fun. Good looking machine with nice fast play and some wicked samples. All in all a cracking lo-tech from Empire*.

*Empire titles on this site are my DXs only. No Empire roms are hosted here as requested by Empire, and also not to put my generous hosts in an awkward situation.

7th August 2004


9 months in the making and my wife delivers my best release to date at 12.58 PM. This will be one release I shall never get tired of playing with and I shall always trying to improve her. Time for FME and layouts will be sparse from now on but this is a sacrifice I am more than happy to make. Check back from time to time as you never know what I have up my sleeve though.

27th July 2004


They are coming thick 'n' fast these days, next up is JPM's Vindaloot. Surprisingly Your Lucky Knight was well received for a newer title, which was nice, let's hope Vindaloot also gets the FME juices flowing. Many thanks to Mr S. Squirrel for the DX resources and WAC for testing, enjoy.

23rd July 2004


Fruit Machine Emulation had just celebrated it's third birthday, so I think a celebratory layout is in order, JPM's Your Lucky Knight.

4th July 2004


After 10 releases for JPeMu in a row at last I get to release a title for MFME and it's a corker of a machine also. Back when machines were 5p a play and a fiver would last all afternoon in the local arcade. Ok so it doesn't have sampled sound or hi-tech features but give me this machine over my last 10 anyday.

First up a big thanks goes to Simon Castle who was selling this machine on eBay, I emailed him requesting some photos and he kindly obliged, Also to Bugs for the classic and some technical assistance. Honourable mentions to Wayfinder & Retrofruit for reel symbol help and to DAD for testing.

23rd May 2004


Seeing as the resources have now been made publically available for this, I can see no reason for me to still sit on this DX. Not a bad machine for a newer title by Crystal, although a great theme and sounds help.

18th May 2004


This has been 95% finished for many months now but I never bother to finish it off due to it being mute. The flyer for this was pretty poor and I had to redo the entire cash trail along with a few other bits as well. The feature board is just about readable so instead of replacing it with bulk standard text I just enhanced what I could as I'd never be able to recreate it exactly.  

Thanks to Gary who released the sound roms last week so I could get my arse in gear and polish this bugger off. Thanks also to Trouty for the flyer, Bugs & Trouty for existing classic & DX, Tony for a bit of tech advice and play testers WAC & Wozza.

12th April 2004


A couple of months ago a chap named Fin approached me saying that he'd like to help graphic wise in the jolly land of FME. As a tester I sent him the flyer for Pinball Wizard, I'd always wanted to do a 1280 DX of this but couldn't be arsed due to the flyer having some of the worse yellow arrows on it that I'd seen. As can be seen not only did Fin remove this but he rebuilt the three feature towers with new text, below is a small section of the original flyer to see what was acheived.

To my knowledge this was the first work he did on a release, and has since helped others and is now part of team FFS, this guy if definitely one to look for in the future. The rest was down to me, make it as dim as a woman trying to understand the offside rule and shine the odd random light here and there. Thanks also go to Trouty for the flyer, Mike for his existing 1024 DX and to my testers WAC, Wozza, DAD & special guest appearance by Harvey.

24th March 2004


This is a title I've had as a WIP for what seemed like ages, I promised I'd try to find some spare time to get it done and dusted.

7th March 2004


Anyone who's been around FME for any amount of time will be well aware who Harvey is, and you should also remember his excellent Visual Fruit site. Well the good new is that it's back for it's third incarnation, but this time called Fcuked World. Although mainly based around the releases and general shenanigans of FME it promises to encompass other areas to suit. All off course written and presented in Harvey's own unique style. Click the (somewhat bland, and hopefully changing soon) logo to visit.

2nd February 2004


And finally tonight comes Maximum Overdrive, I really enjoyed playing and making this machine. Thanks to Bugs & Trouty for the classic/DX, Trouty for the flyer, WAC, Wozza & DAD for testing. Phew, stick a fork in me, I'm done !


Next up tonight comes a 1280 WDX of JPM's Wizard Of Odds. Kev uploaded a flyer for this a few months back which I took one look and thought 'sod that' due to the amount of nasty arrows. But a few minutes a day sorted that mammoth task out. Unfortunately me and a clone brush don't see eye to eye and I damaged the flyer considerable during the clean up, which is why the design is very dark to hide a multitude of sins.

Thanks to Kev for the flyer. Spanner for his original DX, WAC, Wozza & DAD for testing.


Here is an updated 1280 version of Caesar's Palace. My older 1024 version used the Crystal flyer, but this new version uses the proper Ace flyer so it matches the roms properly. Thanks go to Andy for his original DX, Trouty for the flyer, WAC, Wozza & DAD for testing.

23rd January 2004


Here's my latest offering 'Quantum Leap' by JPM. Thanks to DAD once again for the classic, Trouty for the flyer, WAC & DAD for testing. The flyer was slightly damaged especially in the top left, repaired what I could but had to keep the images a high resolution to maintain clarity hence the large file size.

17th January 2004


Pinball Fever is a Crystal rebuild of the JPM title Pinball Wizard, the layout and board are identical even down to the feature titles, infact the only difference is the 25 jackpot. Can play as nasty as Pinball Wizard but I didn't think quite as bad. Tried some new lighting techniques on this one a managed to achieve a really colourful bold contrast that I'm more that happy with the results..

Many thanks go to DAD for his classic, Trouty for the flyer, WAC for some hard arsed testing that highlighted a few important omissions & Wozza for additional testing. Sadly the sound roms for this machine are missing so instead of playing it mute (which let's face it is no fun at all) I suggest using the Arcadia sound which matches the best (thanks Steveir for that tip). Arcadia sound roms are bundled with the program roms on this site, but you can change them if you fancy.

9th January 2004


Not the best game in the world this one, but it looks nice and it's not real money you know. Thanks got to Pete for the repository where I got the flyer, Bugs & Trouty for previous layouts, WAC & Wozza testing, Tony for tech help. Download and waste some virtual dosh today.

7th January 2004


At last, a break from doing hashed re-releases and a chance to do something new. Jackpot Jump hails from the pre-sample MPU4 era which was my main gambling time. Although I didn't get chance to play this one much back then it bears all the hallmarks of a nice machine. I found it strangely active for a clubber although the hi/lo can clobber you at times.

This machine has a nice touch when you have finished on the feature trail you can exchange 1 of your winnings to re-enter the feature trail again. I don't recall many other machines having this feature. Many thanks go to Spa for the flyer and Steveir for his classic. And as usual WAC & Wozza for testing.

Although this may not look the best release in the world due to the slightly grainy flyer don't let this put you off as it's a cracking machine. Hopefully I'll be getting better art for this soon so I plan to make another DX, different style and perhaps different size too. The machine deserves better.