1st November 2007


Classic Lo-Tech goodness from PCP.

Thanks to Bugs & Leeham for the classic, Money Monster2 for photos, Bugs & Ploggy for tech help and Ploggy for testing.

9th October 2007


Cash Matrixis a machine I wanted to DX for many years now. I'd play the classic extensively and now thanks to some photos from FruitSim I can bring you this release. The one thing I dislike about this is the awful cabinet, why Barcrest put two of their best machines (this & Cash Counter) in it I'll never know.

Thanks also to CompostCorner for his PDX that I used as a base & WAC for testing.

2nd October 2007


Nudge Banker is a rather enjoyable old semi lo-tech from Barcrest.

Thanks to Spanner for his original DX and WAC for testing.

1st October 2007


Super Blackjack Club is a great clubber from Barcrest. Although I must admit to prefering  the original early MPU4 version as I have memories of the real machine at my local snooker club, this later version is still very playable indeed.

Thanks to the original author/s of the classic/s seems I took a little from a few by SteveP, Trouty & Mike Hilton. Adydb for some fantastic glass scans, he has come up trumps for me a few times now.. StuartP for photos of the card system for me to work with. Also Hinchy for testing.

Those of you who have been about for a while will know who Harvey is and will remember his 'Fcuked World' site. It used to review FME releases in a no holds barred manner. Sometimes harsh, sometimes constructive, but always quite amusing.

Due to popular demand Harvey as returned with the re-branded 'Desert Island Fruits' review site. Pop along and see who he is pissing off today. Hopefully a plug for his site here means he might be a tad more lenient on mine. ;-)

22nd September 2007


I've had this as a WIP for seems like ages, never really had the urgency to finish if off as the base art wasn't that great and I could never get the disc running properly.

But now thanks to Bugs it's now up and running, thanks also to him and Trouty for the classic & Hinchy for testing.

Play this in MFMEv2 only as the disc reel lamps don't run properly in v3.

13th September 2007


Really nice early MPU4 machine here from Barcrest.

When I first discovered FME back in 2001 this was one of the very first titles I found available to play. I remember having to pinch myself as I couldn't believe I was playing a real machine on my PC. Which is why I feel privileged to be updating this 6 years on.

Thanks to the original author of the classic and WAC for testing.

24th August 2007


When I asked for people to request conversions from JPeMu to MFME this machine came out on top by a long way. Because of that and because my style has dramatically changed since I released the JPeMu version (April 2003,whoah has it been that long) I though I'd totally remake it.

Thanks for Pete_W for his FMEConv tool & WAC for testing.

Note - Run this in MFMEv2, it's a non runner in V3

12th August 2007


Here is JPM's Club Red Alert, nowhere as playable as the AWP version, at least it's not real money though eh?

Thanks to Bugs & Trouty for the JPeMu classic, Pete_W for FMEConv and the testers WAC & NQ

Edited 16/8 - Some of the Hotshot lamp were incorrect these have been fixed and re-uploaded, thanks to Ploggy for the fix..

7th August 2007


I have been sat on this one for over 18 months now as it does not run correctly in MFME, as far as I was aware the issue had been fixed for the next release of the emulator. This is the main reason for my withholding of this title. Over time it's increasing looking bleak for updates so I guess it's pointless to hold this release back further. Shame as I enjoyed this machine and really wanted to release a fully working disc version.

The problem is that MFME runs the disc reels for this machine like a mirror, so on the clock 1=11, 2=10 etc. This release is modified using standard reels to replace the discs, not exactly authentic but playable nevertheless. I am making my disc version available also so you can see how it looks/runs, get it here.

Thanks go to Bugs for a classic and technical assistance, Hurtand165 for photos & WAC for testing.

2nd August 2007


An absolute classic machine for you today in the shape of PCP's Blue Streak, I have many fond memories of this machine on Paignton Pier in my youth.

Thanks to Stiffy for his classic, WAC for testing and a big thanks to TTX for some great images of his machine. It's always nice to help preserve a little piece of history.

26th July 2007

Firstly apologies for the lack of updates this year, I hurt my back in January and found it hard to sit in one position for any length of time. Luckily I seem to be returning to some sort of normality now and hopefully this will be reflected in my release schedule. So without further ado...


Old, pretty uneventful clubber from Barcrest. Original version was mute but that was released before MFME supported Yamaha sound. Play it now in all it's bleeping glory.

Thanks to Munsta for the classic, Mojo for tech help & NQ for testing.