27th September 2008


Classy old number from JPM, with an interesting story to boot.

8 months ago this machine was bought by Adydb as non working. He supplied me with some great glass scans and sent the rom off to TTX for dumping. The rom came back and went off to Bugs to create a classic which I could build the DX with. Turns out that the machine contained the incorrect rom and it looked like everyone had wasted their time.

7 months later a chap called Duane popped up with a bucket full of old roms and kindly donate them to the FME community. These roms are being sorted through and dumped by Player. Tucked away in this box were the correct set of roms for Cashfalls. Ploggy worked out a classic and sent it to me so I could build the DX using the glass scans I'd been sat on for half a year. Once complete off it went to Ploggy & NQ to test it.

So here we are today with this release. Although a few people in this saga were not directly responsible for this release it's important to realise the work they do, win or lose. That every little resource no matter how small and insignificant today might be the final piece to a larger puzzle tomorrow.

 11th September 2008


Dino themed classic from Ace for you today in the shape of Jurassic Trail.

Big thanks to Adydb who bought the machine and supplying glass scans, TTX for dumping the roms, Bugs for the classic & tech help. Pete-W for matrix insertion and WAC for testing.

4th July 2008


Plus Money is a great old title from JPM, it added a extra dimension with the use of the 'plus reel'. For me this is what FME is all about, you're unlikely to ever see one of these in the real world. So it's a privilege to be able to immortalise this onto people's hard drives.

Big thanks to Adydb for once again coming up trumps with some great glass scans, Ploggy & Mojo for classics, Liam for the best reels scans that I've ever seen and WAC for testing. If it wasn't for a dedicated network of people working hard to enable me to my thing, this site wouldn't exist.

2nd June 2008


Classic old lo-tech from Barcrest.

Thanks to... FruitSim for some nice photos, Bugs for the classic and tech help & NQ for testing.

16th May 2008


Great old Semi Lo-tech from Bellfruit with classic 80's pop samples.

Thanks to... Player - Missing Sound, Spa & Player - Various Classics, Ploggy - Complete Classic, MUFC - Flyer Scan, Bugs - Tech Assistance & Player - Testing.

29th April 2008


Flash Cash is one of my favourite old Barcrest titles, third time lucky, hope I nailed it this time.

Thanks to Pandy who passed on his redrawn base art, Bugs for tech help and WAC for testing.

15th March 2008


Cash-Filla is a lovely old title from PCP, at 2p per play your pocket money would last all afternoon.

Thanks to TTX who owns the machine, he supplied the classic and some great DX resources for me to work with, also WAC for testing.

27th February 2008


First release of the year from me comes in the shape of JPM's Super Breakout. Not a classic by any means. I chose to take this on due to the technical challenge of the DX.

Thanks to Compost Corner for several JPeMu versions, Pete_W for his FMEConv tool, WAC, Compost & Steveir for testing.