2nd December 2011



Above average old clubber from Bellfruit.

Thanks to Ady for quality glass scans & testing, also to Bugs for the classic.

25th November 2011




I released this machine back in 2007, there was a problem with the emulation that meant the disc reel span in reverse. At the time my only option was to use standard reels in their place, not accurate but at least the machine was playable.

I'm now happy to be able to release this with two fully working disc reels, be aware that you'll need MFME v2.1 in order to run this. It's also quite sluggish in Win7/Vista so I'd advise using Win XP wherever possible.

 18th November 2011



Razzle Dazzle is considered as one the classic old fruit machines of all time. It's a pleasure to be able to immortalise this machine digitally.

Thanks to Wayfinder who did the existing DX. Daren, Steve & Wizard for real machine advice. Stuart for testing.

 12th November 2011



Really nice machine from Maygay here, great theme sounds with loads of hidden extras.

Big thanks to Cools, a member for Fruit-Emu who owned the machine and supplied me with photos a few years ago, sorry it took so long. Also to Spa who released the original classic 7yrs ago. Finally to Mort for playtesting.

Releases like this can only be done with your help, there was no artwork available for this machine so if it wasn't for Cools help this wouldn't of been possible. So if you have a machine at home that you could supply me photos for, that I can work with to release a new machine of indeed an old one that needs an update, then please get in touch.

12th September 2011

Over the last few weeks I've been messing about with YouTube and creating my own channel. I've uploaded quite a lot of my work and I'm working on the rest. Please fell free to visit and have your say.

 15th August 2011



One of the all time classic club machines, Cops 'n' Robbers from Bellfruit. I don't want to imagine how much I lost on this down my local snooker hall in the early 90's. Thanks to Harvey for his DX and Mort for testing.

 16th April 2011



Classic old Bellfruit machine brought back from the dead, with the help of, Bugs & Trouty for the classic, Player for photos of machine and WAC for testing.

Best played in Windows XP, sound can be messed up in Windows Vista & 7.

11th January 2011



Believe it or not after 9 years and 183 DXs this is my first Project release! Based on the classic TV show Bullseye, it's a fun little semi lo-tech with nice samples.

Thanks go to - Bugs for the classic, J for photos, Ploggy for tech help, WAC for testing and special thanks to Dave from Mr P's Classic Amusements for the sound roms and for all the other classic resources that he has given to the scene.

The sound samples run too fast on this machine and the sample rate will need to be manually reduced from 16000 to 10000 in the samples option, or else Jim Bowen sounds like he is on helium. This has to be done everytime you play this game as MFME doesn't save this value for you.

 8th January 2011



Fun little lo-tech from QPS

I released a crappy mute version of this 9 years ago, took a while but glad I got a chance to re-release it and hopefully do it justice this time.

Due to issues the machine must be played with the back door open or you will be unable to collect the bank.

Thanks to Bugs for his old classic and niallquinn for testing.

4th January 2011



Had this kicking around my hard drive half completed for a few years now, spent a couple of hours today finishing it off for a release.

Not the most inspiring clubber you'll ever play but at least it's something new.

Thanks to JohnnyAFC for the classic and theabbey for testing.

Edit 9/1 - Fixed keyboard shortcuts, thanks to Richard.

4th January 2011



Released this old clubber last April, thanks to theabbey a few errors were spotted and have now been rectified.