25th December 2015


Santa uploads his festive FME sack in the form of Bellfruit's Force Five. Thanks to Spa for his classic, Player for the flyer and Ploggy for testing.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and hope you have a great time with family and loved ones.

9th October 2015


Pac-Man Club by Mazooma, another one found on an old backup, enjoy.


Recently was reminded of some old work I've been sat on for some time, dusted off the old secret squirrel folder as there seems to be no reason not for this to be out there nowadays, enjoy.

15th August 2015


Classic Bellfruit machine in the form of Cops 'n' Robbers. I did the club version of this many years ago and always wanted to do the AWP. As I was working on the 6 version, amazingly the roms for the 4.80 version surfaced allowing be to do a dual release and complete the set.

Massive thanks to Paul Burton for supplying the 4.80 roms and photos of the matching decals. Player for the 6 flyer which both are based on and Ploggy for tech help and testing. Choose your flavour below.


 11th June 2015


They don't make them like this anymore, 5 was your afternoon sorted not just 10 spins.

Thanks to Hit the Six for his classic, spa for photos & Ploggy for tech help. Testers HTS, alex74 & steelfix.

3rd May 2015


Great little 2p machine from PCP in the shape of Cashino.

Big thanks to Mecca member Louie Bee for supplying a number of photos and videos in order for me to acheive the finish, without great support from machine owners like Louie I'd not be able to release half as much as I do. Ploggy for tech help, spa for the classic and NQ for testing.

Unless you need to play it in v3.2 for rescalling purposes, I'd advice playing in v2.0 or v9.4 due to a bug not showing a digit in the top right of the plays.

 1st April 2015


Recently bought a batch of old flyers and cam across this old title from JPM that I'd never seen nor heard of.

 After investigation I found out we had the rom (thanks Geddy), Ploggy got it running and knocked up a classic allowing me to DX. The title itself is a pretty dull lo-tech with a repeat feature, won't keep you amused for too long but at least it's another previously un-emulated title. Thanks to NQ for testing.